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We like Geocaching: hunting for hidden stuff using a GPS unit.

Caches we've found.

Within 5 miles of home.

Within 10 miles of home.

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Bear Mountain base

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KeyesFamily Photo Album

The KeyesFamily Photo Album is back on line!

We think it's more "attractive" than the old one. Have fun browsing it and let us know what you think. When you're looking at a picture, if you want the "full size" version of it - for printing purposes, for example - just click on it and it will ask you for a login and password. They are "guest / guest".

No TV... but we love movies!

Become our Netflix friend if you want to see what we watch.

Yeah, we get a lot of harrassment for not having cable, satellite, or even rabbit ears... un-American or whatever. It's not that we don't like video entertainment; we just don't like television. We get our news on the internet, we don't watch sports - rather go play them - and we watch lots of movies. For the record, we don't watch TV series - even on DVD... no matter how good they are - but we'll watch a miniseries here and there.

If you are a Netflix member, click here and you'll be linked to our Netflix account and you'll see what we watch and what we think of it.

We love our home

We live in Newport Beach, California. It's known for being a bit snooty, plastic-y, and politically conservative; but we have found many friends who are simply very nice people.

Our back yard overlooks Newport Beach's "Back Bay", which is a nature preserve and a destination spot for bird-watchers as well as hikers, bicyclers, kayakers and such.

Here's some info on Upper Newport Bay.

Hit the surf!

There's lots of good surfing near us. Ya gotta know the details to know where the surf is best and when.

I use these Surf Links to grab them on my mobile phone. You're welcome to use them, too.

Back on line

Our web site was off-line from March of 2006 through December 2006. It was the longest it had been off-line since going live in 2002. It's good to be back on line. We hope to stay that way from here out.

In fact, check out the old site in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

If you want the story of how we were down for months and how it is that it's back up as it is now, click here. But it's really not that interesting.

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